HostNoa is a project of Organoa. Organoa is an ideology that stands for helping and caring for the environment, humans, and animals in the broadest sense of the word.

The global pandemic has caused several shifts in the environment. On the one hand, the environment has been greatly relieved by the enormous decrease in traffic, aviation, on the other hand a mayor increases in internet and data usage on an unprecedented scale.

Web hosting providers use large amounts of energy to power their servers and data centers and provide 24/7 services. Other related objects such as cooling control and advanced security settings also consume a lot of power. This high energy consumption has a negative impact on the environment. Green web hosting is, as the name suggests, a web hosting solution based on green resources such as renewable energies.
Because of all these changes, people are more aware than ever that a sustainable society is the way to move forward.

HostNoa was created by this awareness. The goal is to shift as many companies as possible to environmentally responsible internet through green hosting or carbon offsetting.

Green hosting or eco hosting is internet hosting that uses green technologies to reduce its environmental impact.

You can think of web hosting as the equivalent of real estate on the Internet. Basically, you buy your own space where your website files will reside. A web server has to run continuously all year round and it consumes a lot of power in the process, and the number of websites online is skyrocketing every year. Web hosts are one of the biggest energy consumers in the tech world. By choosing a green web host as your hosting provider, you could be doing your part to save our nature and preserve it for future generations.

Green hosting includes offsetting carbon emissions, directly supplying the data center with renewable energy, planting trees, plants, and grass around and above data centers, and other day-to-day activities such as saving energy and using energy-efficient devices.

HostNoa aims to help create the first green hosting directory, allowing
green hosting providers and carbon offsetting companies more visibility and business
owners a platform to choose the best supplier for their business.

It´s a new internet, a new way of hosting. This is HostNoa.