Organoa Project is the most ambitious project ever presented by GlobalWire Group.

Climate change is a global phenomenon which is characterized by changes in the earth’s general climate (about temperature, precipitation and wind), especially caused by human activities. Due to the imbalance of the earth’s weather, the sustainability of the earth’s ecosystem, the future of mankind, and the stability of the global economy are threatened.

The Internet is the defining technology of the Information Age, just as electricity was the vector of technological change of the Industrial Age.
It has transformed business, education, government, health care, and even the way we interact with our loved ones – it has become one of the most important drivers of social development. The changes in social communication are particularly significant. The Internet has removed all barriers to communication.

In order to make the ideology of Organoa possible the Internet will be the tool to inform society and create new online communities to help power this new initiative. It will allow us to educate people everywhere around the globe. And that is why Organoa Project was created.

Orgnoa Project will pave the way in the digital world in order to make the ideology of Organoa possible by creating new online communities through webportal and mobile apps.